Scope: Architecture, Interior Design & Lighting Design

Location: LAX Terminal 1

Square Feet: 2,200 SF / 71 SM


Located within the departures zone, the Ashland Hill will redefine Terminal 7’s offerings with a vibrant gastronomic destination for the traveling customers. A menu of gourmet sandwiches, salads, soups, artisanal cheeses and delectable dishes, complemented with craft beers and selected wines which will be offered in an intimate garden-like setting.

The venue has been oriented towards the concourse to gain greater visibility and accessibility. An inviting wood portal on the outer façade will lead the customers towards the order line, past a series of seating tables and a grab-n-go display case. Decorative imprinted tiles on the floor surface will connect with the outside space to define this approach path. This restaurant will be an open concept featuring a large stone clad window, affording a clear view of the preparation gallery. To one side of the ordering counter, a black-and-white mural depicting a locally shot vintage movie scene will occupy the wall surface above the display case.

Echoing the signature style of the brand, the centerpiece of the design will be the dining space. A backdrop of succulent plants, surrounded by handcrafted horizontal wooden tiers, will seek to cultivate an “outdoor atmosphere” for the customers. Communal wooden tables alongside bistro tables, with a variety of seating types, will form the bulk of the accommodation offerings.

Lighting will be integral to the design, creating the right ambiance. Over the dining area, strung rows of LED lamps and a series of suspended pendants will fill the space with an inviting, warm glow.

The interior color palette of natural wood finishes, with accents of concrete tile flooring and steel frames, will combine to give this space a craftsman-style look.