Scope: Interior Design & Lighting Design

Location: Newport Beach, CA

Area: 24,000 SF / 22,000 SM


The new headquarters of the family-owned enterprise is a stylish setting that has seen the existing building completely transformed into a quintessentially modern look. The multi-level building underwent a major refurbishment, giving the interiors an airy yet intimate atmosphere, all enhanced by contemporary furnishings and lighting.


The opulent entrance lobby using a sculptured staircase with back-lit panels and the custom reception desk are some of the introductory elements that create an immediate introduction to the contemporary tone of this new place. The primary open-plan offices occupy the central floor spaces that offer a panoramic view of the glazed private offices located along the perimeters of both floors. Modern light fittings and charcoal gray painted walls further enhance the contemporary atmosphere of the design scheme. Conference rooms, executive suites, breakout lounges, classrooms and product rooms make up the remainder of the spatial layout of this office building.


Architect: NOAA Group

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