Scope: Interior Design, Lighting Design & Graphic Design

Location: LAX Terminal 2, CA

Area: 84,000 SF / 7,800 SM


The eighties-era terminal building went through a major transformation and has been re-launched with a new sense of design theme allowing for an engaging visual experience for the travelers that is distinctively Los Angeles.


The central theme of the re-design has been to incorporate elements suggestive of “LA in Motion”, and maximize transparency and view lines within the terminal., as part of the client’s design brief.


Overall, the newly built international-class gateway has been infused with floor patterns and wall –mounted metal perforations, introducing the flyer to the notion of movement. At the heart of the departures terminal is a central thoroughfare that connects series of distinctive experiences emanating from retail, dining and experiential hubs of the concourse. While conjoined together, each of the hubs retains their distinct identity and feeling.


At the end of the main concourse, a sculptural stairway has been positioned to create an iconic meeting point. The glowing risers and underside of the stairs create a dramatic statement and invite the travelers to discover the mezzanine level activities.


The design of the terminal was created in collaboration and direction from Westfield’s design team.


(Photos: Westfield)

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